Mark Sutton-Smith

Girl Detective (Lyrics by Alan Gordon)
The Usual (Lyrics by Alan Gordon)
1812 (Lyrics by Michael J. Smith)
Stand By The River (With Joanne Sutton-Smith)
Becky Thatcher (Lyrics by Dave Hudson)
Off To Olympus (Lyrics by Dave Hudson)
/ Charlotte's Web
Elvis in Hades (A Rock Opera)
The Golden Ass


Revolution Point
Tara Novie EP, "Make Your Move"
Number One To Two Forty Second
Music For Computer Games

Cosmic Encounter
Lords of Conquest (Electronic Arts)
The Argos Expedition (CBS Software)
Sesame Street Pals Around Town
Sesame Street Light Waves

Concert Music

Open Ranges
The View From The Edge
Piano Sonata
Five Postcards for Clarinet & Piano
13 Brief String Quartet Studies For Sgt Pepper